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There are some really great ideas in this! It's a shame it's so short; I would have loved to hear what else you might have come up with. I particularly respect those vocal chops; I'm terrible with those, haha.

I'd love to give some constructive criticism to try helping out, but I'm still learning myself, so I apologize if I give any unhelpful advice. In other words, my review comes with a free grain of salt! Yeah!

To me, it sounds like this could use a little bit of EQ work. That's probably such an overused bit of advice, but that's just because careful EQ can do so many awesome things! One thing I've learned is that you rarely want to boost frequencies, but rather, cut the ones that are unneeded/unwanted. The idea is to make sure each instrument has its own cozy spot in the mix so it doesn't overpopulate any part of the spectrum. The low-mid frequencies, for example, are quite susceptible. I'm not sure if that's something you don't already know or not, since I wasn't there while you made this obviously, but I'll leave one of my favorite representations of proper EQ work (simplified a bit, but it's a concept) at the bottom of this review~

I also notice that there seems to be a heavy load of compression on this track. Is that correct? I mean, a little is good, but some of the instruments sound squished, unfortunately. I don't know which DAW you use, otherwise I'd link a video that really helped me out recently in this area, but I really recommend seeking out some tutorials to help with this. Sorry I can't give any advice myself, I'm just afraid I'd mislead you, since I'm not very good at it yet myself. :/

Anyway, please keep it up! This track is quite danceable as is, and I recognize a great deal of potential in it. ^^

EQ cutting visual by Lavender Harmony: http://tmblr.co/ZJh2Pw1PMy186

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SOnoYa responds:

Honestly, i have no idea what i'm doing when i make music lol.

Wow, this is fantastic! I love the sound design, and the composition itself is really great. I find that it's such a positive when a track has a clear direction, and it follows it. "Farsight" describes the mood quite well, and that makes it memorable for me.

As for constructive criticism, I can really only think of one little distraction that I noticed. The hi-hat that repeats throughout. While it plays an important role for sure, I feel as if it is maybe a bit too loud in the mix, and like I said, it becomes a bit of a distraction. I feel like it would serve better as a compliment to the beat. It could possibly be shortened just a bit too in order to get a tighter rhythm when combined with the rest of the percussion and such. That would work SO well with this, I think. That said, I still have a ton to learn about music production myself, so I hope I'm not just spouting a bunch of nonsense, haha.

I really do love this, though! Solid mixing, enough variance to keep in interesting, great sound, etc. I'm super glad I came across this. ^^

Reddz responds:

Hey man thanks for the review! I always super excited to hear ur feedback on beats cause i take it seriously. I matter fact have been working on my drum/mixing as a whole so ur feedback was nice. Im glad you enjoyed it man thanks again

I'm glad you let me know about this revised version! I still love how energetic this is, and the further defined beat really makes it that much more exciting. I look forward to hearing what you come up with next. ^^

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Syzion responds:

You're welcome!
I can only wonder what I'll make next.

I make music for fun, and I'm always trying to improve.

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