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Wow, this is fantastic! I love the sound design, and the composition itself is really great. I find that it's such a positive when a track has a clear direction, and it follows it. "Farsight" describes the mood quite well, and that makes it memorable for me.

As for constructive criticism, I can really only think of one little distraction that I noticed. The hi-hat that repeats throughout. While it plays an important role for sure, I feel as if it is maybe a bit too loud in the mix, and like I said, it becomes a bit of a distraction. I feel like it would serve better as a compliment to the beat. It could possibly be shortened just a bit too in order to get a tighter rhythm when combined with the rest of the percussion and such. That would work SO well with this, I think. That said, I still have a ton to learn about music production myself, so I hope I'm not just spouting a bunch of nonsense, haha.

I really do love this, though! Solid mixing, enough variance to keep in interesting, great sound, etc. I'm super glad I came across this. ^^

Reddz responds:

Hey man thanks for the review! I always super excited to hear ur feedback on beats cause i take it seriously. I matter fact have been working on my drum/mixing as a whole so ur feedback was nice. Im glad you enjoyed it man thanks again

I'm glad you let me know about this revised version! I still love how energetic this is, and the further defined beat really makes it that much more exciting. I look forward to hearing what you come up with next. ^^

Syzion responds:

You're welcome!
I can only wonder what I'll make next.

Very nice! I particularly like the abundance of percussion, and the creative sound design is a huge plus too. It progresses so much, it never gets dull, and that's great. Can't go wrong with cool melodies and bitcrusher either. ^^

If I had to nitpick anything, I'd say that it could use a tiny bit more low-end, especially for being in the dub realm. Just a little. But, that might just be me, and it's certainly not non-existent or anything. It's just that with these tracks, one really expect to FEEL that beat, y'know?

But heck, I dunno, maybe I just have cruddy headphones, haha.

Regardless, this really is a solid track. Great work!

wandschrank responds:

Thanks for your insightful review! :) It is nice to see that someone noticed lots of details.

Considering the low-end, this song actually has a lot of (sub)bass. The thing is, I wanted it to be really deep, so most of it is somewhere between 30 and 50 hz, the kick is probably the only thing with bass in the "higher" frequencies. Depending on the headphones / speakers you use, the bass might not even be audible, or on a very low volume. I knew that this would be the case, but I just love clean subbass, so I couldn't resist.

I make music for fun, and I'm always trying to improve.

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